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For most women, being a mom means juggling the care of kids with the care of one’s self. It means scaffolding your children while continuing to grow yourself. And it means both thinking and feeling one’s way through the many challenges that face moms in their day to day lives, and over the course of their sons’ and daughters’ lives.

It’s no surprise that many marketers stumble in their attempt to get moms’ attention. Moms are busy, but beyond that, they are also challenging and thoughtful consumers. Some read labels. Many check mommy blogs for advice. Most think carefully about brands they choose, but they also think with their hearts. Being a mom is an emotional endeavor, above all else, and moms often admit that they are motivated by something less tangible than an ingredient list or a price tag.

So how do today’s marketers break through the competitive noise that comes not only from traditional talk from ads, the PTA, or that well-intentioned mother-in-law or neighbor, but also from Facebook groups, Tweets, and texts that complicate matters and vie for her attention?

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