superior coverage

YouthBeat covers more topics than any other youth market report: Activities & Hobbies; Electronic Devices and Cell Phones; Gaming and Video; Internet and Technology; Movies, Music & Reading; Money, Spending & Advertising; Shopping; Snacking, Food & Beverages; Social Awareness & Causes; and TV.

YouthBeat covers both the overall youth market and three key age targets:

  • Kids: Grades 1 through 4 (approximate ages 6 to 10)
  • Tweens: Grades 5 through 8 (approximate ages 10 to 13)
  • Teens: Grades 9 through 12 (approximate ages 13 to 18)

superior insights

YouthBeat is produced by the youth experts at C+R Research. C+R has been innovative in youth research with kids, tweens, and teens for over 30 years, and our online KidzEyes and TeensEyes panels have been in existence since 2000.

The YouthBeat Yearbook includes not only in-depth analysis of each of the twelve topic areas but also a special year-end overview of the feelings of today's youth based on our special psychographics section that helps pull everything together. No other report takes this perspective into consideration.

YouthBeat delivers far more understanding and insight than you'll find in any other youth market report.

superior method

YouthBeat surveys the opinions of nearly 5,000 kids, tweens and teens every month, providing unrivaled sampling depth. YouthBeat also includes the perspective of parents to identify how the opinions of youth and their parents align ... or conflict.

YouthBeat's twelve topical modules are fielded every month to matched cohorts of U.S. kids, tweens and teens. Unlike other reports that conduct surveys only two or three times per year, YouthBeat can track youth behavior and opinions both seasonally and semi-annually. Our continuous interviewing schedule tracks trends as they emerge, grow, and eventually decline - you won't be left marketing against a trend that has run its course or miss one that's just becoming hot.