A YouthBeat subscription includes:
  • 24/7 access to the YouthBeat Data Portal, allowing for customized queries and reporting
  • Currents (topic deep dives of our 12 subject modules), issued bi-annually
  • YouthBeat YearBook
  • Resource Deck, issued annually and based on data from the first 6 months of the year, with slides of nearly every question in the survey
  • Trendspotter Newsletter, issued quarterly
  • On-call consulting with the YouthBeat team of experts
  • Customized in-person presentation to your team


We strive to bring you information and analysis while it's still fresh and relevant to you and your business.

The YouthBeat Data Portal provides you data as soon as it's out of the field. Data is updated every six months, and the portal is continually refreshed with the most up-to-date information throughout the year.

Our YouthBeat Currents – Reports that provide an overview of the key data and findings for each of our 12 modules. We issue these reports twice per year to keep you updated with the latest data. 

During the first quarter of each year, we publish Status Sheets that show how the information in each Current has changed, or stayed the same during the last six months of the previous year. We provide perspective on how kids', tweens', and teens', and parents' relationship to a topic changes during the critical periods of summer vacation and end-of-year holidays so you can get a true and accurate picture of how shifts are happening throughout the course of a year.

The YouthBeat YearBook is a comprehensive look at the year of youth and their parents, with a POV on what today's youth marketers should know to make the best decisions in the coming year.  It covers data for the entire year and includes data from our robust set of psychographic questions. The YearBook is published each spring.

Finally, your YouthBeat subscription includes a customized, in-person presentation that brings the findings to life for your team.


One, two, and three-year YouthBeat subscriptions are available.  An Enterprise subscription is available for corporations who require more than 20 users. Each includes data and accompanying deliverables for one year's worth of data. A standard subscription includes licenses for 5 discreet users within your organization. Additional licenses are available for a fee.

To order your subscription of YouthBeat or to learn more, please contact Mary McIlrath by email at or call 312.828.9200.