we’re on a mission

The team at YouthBeat has lived and breathed the youth space for years...And in that time, we've learned a lot. But the biggest thing we've learned: there's always something new to uncover and discover when it comes to understanding the way that youth live today. We're endlessly fascinated by the way that kids, tweens and teens change the rules - for themselves and for the culture at large. We don't stop at knowing what captivates them, but we actively seek out the whys behind what matters most to them. We seek the authentic truth of today's youth, including what's new and different and what looks the same as it has for generations.

And while we have fun with what we do, we're serious and passionate in our commitment to bringing our partners and clients the most inventive approaches to research and the most sincere and thoughtful analysis. What is our mission? Helping clients see youth in the most holistic way possible - not only as consumers, but as people whose lives they can truly make better with products, services and ideas that truly meet their needs.